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Frequently Asked Questions


Dear customers,

We provide information to your site, enabling you to observe your cargo saving you time and money. This service allows you to see where your cargo is when it reaches the port, when unloaded, etc. To find out where your cargo is now you need to enter the section of our page and enter the number of your container. To obtain more detailed information, you must be a registered user of our site.

Terminology and FAQ

Registered User   

User is a customer with his username and password, enabling him to connect to our page, for more detailed search of cargo (in accordance with the lot #, VIN #, mailbox # and the container#)


All cargos are transported in the sea containers. Each container has its own unique number. The container number consists of four Latin letters and seven numbers. For example: APHU1234567

Arrival Date

A preliminary date of arrival is determined when the container is loaded to a ship. According to this date, you can focus when your cargo will reach a final harbour and will be unloaded, or will be transported by land. Prior expected arrival date is tentative. To find the exact arrival date you need to contact our office: +370 46 342127, +370 659 53880.

Release of the container (Release)

Each container sailed into the port has to receive starting discharge or further transportation from the transported line of the container, and from our main office in Chicago. You will see this information on our website as follows: Release of the containeryes or not. If the release of the container will be marked not, please contact us and we will give you an answer why there is not the release. In our experience we can mention that usually it is not released because the services are not paid for ocean group. If you see that the release of the container is markednot, and you are not paid for rafting services, please do this as soon as possible, because a very short time for the discharge is given since the arrival of the container to the port (from 7 to 15 days of storage, including weekends, depending on the transporting lines). Later detentions for storage are counted. You should be concerned that your cargo would be paid on time and you would avoid additional costs.

Unloading of Container

The container is unloaded after the release of the transported line of the container, and our main office in Chicago. The loading is planned in advance and coordinated with all customers. You can participate in the unloading of your cargo in advance of your agreement with our office. A consolidated cargo may be in a container (this means that a few loads of customers can be loaded in one container), that is why we ask for your understanding and efficiency combining the unloading of the containers.

Reclaim of the cargo (Release)

If you see in our page that the container, in which is your cargo, is came and is given the permission for unloading (release of the container yes) next to your cargo, you will see if are given the permission to reclaim the cargo. If you see that your cargo is not released (release of the cargono), and you are paid all the expenses related to your cargo, immediately contact with our office.

Documents for reclaiming cargo

We kindly ask you to present the Goods list for the customs storage procedure (the name of the good, the good code, the gross weight, the number of packages). If the information is not received, the goods codes shall be chosen by us and the containers shall be stored accordingly.

For the delivery of the containers to the unpacking location most convenient to you, please call this number: +370 46 342127. +370 659 53880 In order to carry out the customs procedures and to deliver the shipment to you on time, we kindly ask you to present us with these documents:

-Invoice of the goods;

-Packing list and Bill of lading;

-Certificate of Origin or other certificates, required for importing the shipment into Lithuania or for transit;

-Licenses, regulated by the Government, permits to import the shipment into Lithuania or transit permits;

-Authorisation to carry out all customs formalities and to represent your company in the Customs Department and State Border Guard Service of the Republic of Lithuania in the name of 'ATLANTIC EXPRESS CORPORATION' subsidiary.

We inform you that each container, which arrives to the Klaipėda seaport (depending on the line that carried the container), has up to 15 days of tax-free demurrage and storage following its arrival. Vehicles, unloaded in the Klaipėda seaport, are stored tax-free for 10 days.

Please contact the employees of the company if you are in need of additional information on the terms and rates of demurrage and storage, as well as tariffs of our company services.


Since the recent increase of the LR citizens returning for permanent living to Lithuania from the third countries and seen the difficulties they face, we would like to provide the information which we believe will be useful. The LR citizen, resided for more than 12 months abroad gets right to transport back things for personal use not more than for 100 000 LTU amount.

The vehicle must be purchased and registered under the person’s name abroad for at least 6 months till its loading into the container.

In our practice and experience we would recommend to provide the following papers and documents for the LR customer reclaiming the cargo in Klaipėda Container Terminal though it is not under the normative acts:

the LR consulate letter certifying that you lived in the state since the date until the date and now returned to the LT for the habitual residence.

the LR passport which contains an entry stamp in a foreign country, or other document confirming the date when you came to the country

save the return tickets (because the stamp in the passport recently is not stamped) as a proof when you went there (and stayed for more than 12 months.)

the declaration certificate of the residence (issued by the municipality of the city or the passports point of the city);

As the LR citizen entered the U.S. with a tourist visa does not get immigrant status, we suggest to show more documents proving your legal proof of living abroad: study documents, visas, work contracts, pay taxes, correspondence of healing institutions and other documents proving your healing abroad etc. at the LR customs;

Social insurance card (Social Security), and driver's license (drivers license), (returning from the U.S.A.)

Invoice (bill) for the payment of the containers, objects or vehicles transfer.

A list of sent items;

An example of the list of sent personal items:

The list of personal items of Johan Jonaitis sent from the U.S.A.


 Amount (boxes)

 Weight kg.

Value $

Used wear




Used footwear




Used household equipment




Used audio video equipment




Used household items




Used bike




Used furniture




Used tools









Johan Jonaitis        


At the same time we inform that if you were exempted from personal items and vehicle tax payment, you will not be able to sell the vehicle for 12 months.

Otherwise, you will be converted import tax - 6% -10% depending on the type of vehicle, plus 19% VAT, plus penalty for late payment.

We present a few legislative references:

Moving from the third country to Lithuania:

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